5% Nutrition Maui Twist Box Set


Only 5% Nutrition could come up with a Special Edition series like this. We took three of our hottest products and created an exclusive container and a special size for each. All with a stunning new flavor - Maui Twist! Introducing the Special Edition Maui Twist Box Set. Now you’ve got some of the most effective and best-tasting formulas on the market. Let’s check out each one!

What Is The Maui Twist Box Set?

The 5% Nutrition Maui Twist box set features an exciting chrome container, each with a unique label and an exclusive size. The formulas we chose are 5% favorites: the legendary All Day You May, Full As F*ck, and Kill It Reloaded. Of course, each one features our stunning new flavor - Maui Twist! Refreshing and delicious - wait until you try it!

Maui Twist ADYM - 23 Servings

The 5% Nutrition Special Edition Maui Twist ADYM features 23 servings of this legendary amino acid formula. Of course, this is the same innovative amino acid formula that has dominated the industry since the day of its release. 

ADYM is much more than a BCAA formula. It’s the best choice for an intra-workout and a great option for recovery. First off, there’s 6g of BCAAs in an advanced 10:1:1 ratio. Plus, there’s EAAs and CEAAs. That alone is more than most amino formulas have to offer, but ADYM doesn’t stop there. It also contains a special Amino Acid Support Blend, an Intra-Cellular Buffer Blend, and finally a Joint & Liver Support Blend. 5% Nutrition Special Edition Maui Twist ADYM - nothing can touch the formula or the flavor!

Maui Twist Full As F*ck - 15 Servings

Next up in this exclusive series is the 5% Nutrition Special Edition Maui Twist Full As F*ck. In this case, it features 15 servings. This is the same great legendary pump formula that’s set new standards in the marketplace. You know Full As F*ck can be used with any 5% pre-workout for an explosive workout experience! This powerful formula contains advanced, over-dosed nitric oxide boosters for massive pumps. There are also cell volumizers for water-based pumps. 

Plus, there are several branded ingredients such as GlycerSize™, Nitrosigine®, and S7™. Just one more reason 5% Nutrition Special Edition Maui Twist Full As F*ck is the most potent pump enhancer on the market!

Maui Twist Kill Kill It Reloaded - 12 Servings

Finally, what Special Edition series would be complete without Kill It Reloaded? Here, we’re talking about a 12-serving chrome container with our incredible Maui Twist flavor! Kill It Reloaded is more than just another pre-workout. It’s one of the strongest Pre’s on the market. 

First off, there’s our powerful N.O. Blend with nitric oxide boosters like Citrulline and Nitrosigine®. There’s also GlycerSize™, Betaine, and Taurine. A solid dose of Beta Alanine rounds out this impressive Blend. From there, we have our special Nootropic Blend and our exclusive Creatine Blend. 5% is one of the few companies that understands the importance of creatine - you bet it should be in your pre-workout! Especially if you want results! 

Finally, there’s our powerful Stim Blend with a huge 328mg dose of Caffeine. Not just any Caffeine, but three types. There’s Caffeine Anhydrous, Caffeine Citrate, and Infinergy™ Dicaffeine Malate. Talk about insane energy and intense focus! Last but certainly not least, we have Coconut Water Concentrate for hydration. The osmolytes in this formula work with the Coconut Water for even greater hydration. 

5% Nutrition Maui Twist - Three Stunning Formulas!

Leave it to 5% to come out with such an innovative Special Edition series featuring three of our hottest products and one amazingly delicious flavor. Are you ready to get your Special Edition product? Don’t go with just one, get ‘em all! Maui Twist Special Edition Box Set - yet one more example of 5% innovation!

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