A Look At The Legendary All Day You May Lineup!


Before 5% Nutrition came along, the amino/BCAA category lacked one thing: innovation. It took 5% to revolutionize the category. From the original All Day You May, right on through to the latest variations, 5%’s amino feeder continues to set the industry standard. In this article, we will take a look at the legendary All Day You May lineup. 

All Day You May Legendary Series

When 5% Nutrition first introduced All Day You May way back in 2015, it took the amino/BCAA category by storm. There were several industry firsts thanks to this classic formula. For example, ADYM  pioneered the outstanding Southern Sweet Tea flavor. What other flavor can conjure up images of ice-cold, delicious refreshment on a hot, muggy afternoon? 

ADYM (and Rich Piana) also pretty much invented the concept of sipping an amino drink throughout the day. Perhaps most important, ADYM is the most comprehensive amino acid formula available. Besides BCAAs, ADYM also includes EAAs, CEAAs, and much more. 

Speaking of BCAAs, that’s one of the most innovative components of ADYM. It’s an exclusive leucine-dominant blend in a 10:1:1 ratio. The legend himself, Rich Piana, fully understood the muscle-building power of leucine. That’s why we created this exclusive Blend. 

Not to mention, with ADYM, you now have an amino drink you can add to your 5% pre-workout. Plus, you can use it as an intra-workout. Of course, you can also use it as part of your post-workout recovery program. The Legendary Series is the latest version of this exceptional formula. 

All Day You May Caffeinated

A switch from the original amino powder supplement is amino energy drinks. This adds a small amount of caffeine to the mix. That means they can be used in the morning in place of your coffee, or any time of the day you need a caffeine boost. Of course, 5% Nutrition’s entry into this subcategory makes All Day You May Caffeinated the most innovative amino energy powder available. 

ADYM Caffeinated offers a couple of major differences from the original formula. The first is 125 mg of natural caffeine sourced from green tea and green coffee. The second is the delicious coffeehouse-inspired Vanilla Iced Coffee flavor. Finally, this version adds electrolytes for optimal hydration. 

All Day You May Caffeinated Legendary Series

The biggest difference between the original ADYM Caffeinated and the Legendary Series version is the flavors. The Legendary Series version is available in customer-favorite Southern Sweet Tea and delicious Fruit Punch flavors. 

All Day You May Natty

Here’s an all-natural version for those 5%ers that do not want anything artificial in their All Day amino feeder. ADYM Natty is naturally flavored and sweetened with stevia. Plus, it comes in two exclusive flavors: stunning Mandarin Orange and refreshingly delicious Strawberry Lemonade. 

All Day You Shred

Last, but by no means least, we have All Day You Shred. Here’s the most innovative fat-burning BCAA/EAA recovery drink on the market. This formula completely redefines what ADYM is capable of. The focus is, of course, on our fat-burning complex.+ There’s 1g of l-carnitine l-tartrate, 125 mg of natural caffeine, plus the branded ingredient InnoSlim®. What’s that? It’s a combination of panax notoginseng and astragalus membranaceus. This InnoSlim® lowers glucose absorption, which means less potential for body fat storage+ It also means more glucose absorption for muscular energy.

BCAAs And Nitrogen Balance

The thread that ties all these versions of ADYM together is the 6g BCAA Blend. As noted, this blend is in a leucine-heavy 10:1:1 ratio. We often talk about the fact that the BCAAs, specifically leucine, stimulate protein synthesis. Yet they also work through other pathways to help you achieve your muscle mass goals. 

Of course, amino acids are known as the building blocks of protein. Not talked about often enough is the fact that nitrogen is a building block of amino acids. Nitrogen is a basic component of amino acids. Further, nitrogen balance is another tool to measure protein in the body. A positive nitrogen balance indicates a state conducive to gains. Plus, the BCAAs, especially leucine, are high in nitrogen. This is one more way that leucine and the other BCAAs support gains. 

Finally, leucine and the rest of the BCAAs/EAAs (and CEAAs with ADYM), are anti-catabolic. This means that leucine and other aminos help preserve muscle, as opposed to your hard-earned muscle tissue being cannibalized for energy in times of intense training and/or caloric restriction. (1, 2)


5% Nutrition All Day You May covers all aspects of amino acid supplementation. ADYM has been the leader in innovation from the moment the original was introduced. No matter what you’re looking for in an amino powder, there’s a version of All Day You May for you!

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