Bigger By The Day Week 2

Week 2:

Oh! You're back! That's a good sign. You must want to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get fuckin HUGE. Episode 2 is here and it's time again to watch Rich take us through his quest to 30lbs in 3 months. In this episode you will find out how much he is crushing his goals (we hope you are too!), shake time, cookie time, chipotleeee and a brutal leg day.

What we loved the most about this episode is the knowledge that Rich shares with us. It's knowledge you only get from someone that has been there, done that. Don't miss this one!

Also, as part of the BBTD series we are dropping videos that were banned by sites like YouTube. Check this weeks video, "The FDA's most dangerous drugs".

You're Welcome. KILL THAT SHIT!

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