Super-Easy Shake Time Protein Brownies

There’s nothing quite like brownies when it comes to a decadently delicious treat. Here’s a recipe for 5% Nutrition Super Easy Protein Brownies that taste stunning! These mouthwatering Protein Brownies use a zero-sugar store-bought mix - all you have to do is add Shake Time chocolate flavor. Don’t wait, make them up and dig in! Try one with low-sugar ice cream or Cool Whip! Have a brownie as part of your post-workout meal or enjoy them on cheat day!

What 5% Nutrition Supplements Go Well With This Recipe? 

As a tasty treat, you can enjoy these as part of your total nutrition and 5% supplement program. You will want to eat these by themselves or enjoy them as a dessert after your post-workout meal or dinner. These delicious Protein Brownies can be used regardless of your goals. If fat loss is your main goal, you’ll want to save these for cheat day. Otherwise, enjoy them as part of your total mass-building program!


Shake Time Chocolate Flavor

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