5% Nutrition Real Carbs + Protein Gummies


What 5% Nutrition Supplements Go Well With This Recipe? 

Real Carbs + Protein Gummies are an excellent source of whole-food protein and quality real food carbohydrates. That means you can snack on them all day. They’re great to take to work or school for a quick shot of protein. You can also snack on ‘em anytime after your workout. Or, have 3-4 before you go to bed to help you stay in an anabolic environment while you sleep. Use them with any 5% Nutrition product and for any goal. Still, if your goal is fat loss, eat these in moderation. They are, after all, a source of carbs. If you’re on a cut, carbs have to be limited. Otherwise, enjoy these delicious Gummies!

[[ recipeID=recipe-8lv18j6hn, title=5% Nutrition Real Carbs + Protein Gummies ]]

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