Valeria Mendoza

Valeria Mendoza

  • Height: 5' 2"
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Date of Birth: September 9, 1996
  • Residence: Miami, Florida


Growing up, I was a very skinny girl. I honestly looked borderline anorexic, even though I never was. I was the girl people said "you should eat a cheeseburger" to. Back in the day, being thin was “in” so my looks didn’t bother me but it was still hurtful that people would say that in such a negative way. I had always been a dancer since I was little so being thin was very acceptable by standards. At the time in high school, I had a boyfriend who was in love with bodybuilding and used to tell me all about it. At that time, I didn’t understand or really care much about it but I DID listen. I’ve been hearing about all the greats from an early age. After graduating high school at 1, I decided to go to the gym just to achieve a toned stomach and toned legs, and I never would have thought I'd grow to love it as much as I do now.

I started training legs and eventually moved to upper body and started to love training THAT more than anything. I fell in love with the journey. There is no better feeling than seeing progress from all the hard work you put in. What I quickly realized was that I always had the mindset in me, I just hadn’t tried it.

I never looked back. I never wanted to stop, just wanted to be better than I was yesterday. So I kept and keep giving 150% of me every single day.

I started training clients because sharing the knowledge I’ve acquired, is rewarding in itself. Making a difference and impacting lives is what I do this for and I've always believed that if I can do it, so can YOU. The love and respect you have for yourself and your goals, should be so important that you’re willing to do things you might not always feel motivated to do just to not let yourself down. Seeing how many people believe in me fuels me even more, but more than anything...I still do this mainly for myself. I believe bodybuilding has taught me not only discipline in the sport, but also in life, and I will continue to apply that logic for as long as I live.