Ingredient Spotlight: 5% Nutrition Core Energy


Need energy? Why go for a sugar-overloaded energy drink? They give you the jitters and put you in a sugar coma a little while after you drink it. Instead, Get Energized With Core Energy - only from 5% Nutrition! We’re talking smooth, clean, and long-lasting energy. You choose the dose - plus it's jitter and crash-free!

5% Nutrition Core Energy - The Label

Infinergy™ Dicaffeine Malate - 350 mg

This compound is a bonded blend of 25% malic acid and 75% caffeine. Of course, Infinergy increases energy, focus, and alertness. However, it’s designed to avoid the jitters or crashes associated with regular caffeine.(1)

Theobromine - 200 mg

Here’s an ingredient that does two key things. First, it supports nitric oxide by acting as a vasodilator and inhibiting the arginase enzyme. Second, it works similarly to caffeine yet does so in a manner that helps even out the sometimes harsh effects of caffeine.(2,3)

L-Theanine - 100 mg

Found in high concentrations in tea, theanine has strong anti-anxiety effects. Yet it’s a mild stimulant, especially when it’s combined with caffeine. Like theobromine and TeaCrine, theanine does not cause the jitters.(4,5)

TeaCrine® Theacrine - 50 mg

Here’s a compound that works like theobromine. It helps fight fatigue, increase focus, and enhance motivation. Also like theobromine, there are no jitters or crash.(6,7)

Pterostilibene - 20 mg

This impressive compound is similar to resveratrol and has potent antioxidant benefits. It may help increase energy expenditure in the body. This supports the thermogenic benefits of caffeine.(8)

5% Nutrition Core Energy - Energy Without The Jitters!

As you can see from the ingredient highlights, Core Energy will give you smooth, long-lasting, jitter, and crash-free energy. 

Core Energy - Adjust The Dose To Your Individual Needs!

A single capsule provides 125 mg of total caffeine. That means 5% Nutrition Core Energy is extremely flexible. Is a single capsule enough? Great! Need more energy? Take 2 - that’s 250 mg of caffeine. As you can see, it’s about you and your individual needs. 

Stack It!

There’s a lot you can do with Core Energy. Use it like you would your morning cup of coffee to help you get a great start to your day. Enhance the focus and clarity with Core Nootropic. Do have stress in your life? Add Core KSM-66® Ashwagandha, one of the most potent adaptogens on the market. Finally, since you’re hitting the weights hard, and no doubt use a 5% Nutrition stack, add Core Creatine Monohydrate. Now you’ve chosen 4 Core supplements, you get 20% off! There’s no reason to wait, come on by and get Core Energy - and your other Core supplements today!


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