5% Nutrition 5150 Stick Packs - The On The Go Solution!


Are you always on the go? Do you hit the gym in a rush? If you don’t have much time, you need new 5% Nutrition 5150 Stick Packs! They’re so convenient, you can take them anywhere. No mess, no hassle, just toss a Stick Pack in your 5% Bag and head out the door. If you’re looking at a tough day, and an even tougher workout, you want stim-crazy 5150. There’s no better way to take on your most brutal workouts. One serving of this pre-workout, and you’ll be ready to rock. 5% Nutrition 5150 Stick Packs - the on-the-go solution to your hectic lifestyle!

Perform At Your Peak With 5150 Stick Packs

What’s on the agenda today? Is it leg day yet? Better grab a 5150 Stick Pack, you’re gonna need it! Get ready though, 5150 takes stim-crazy pre-workouts to a whole new level! Be warned, 5150 has 400mg of caffeine per Stick Pack. We’re not talking about 1 source, we’re talking about 9 sources of caffeine. 5150 has fast-acting caffeine anhydrous all the way to slow-release Infinergy™ Dicaffeine Malate. This range of absorption means you won’t get hit all at once. Instead, you’ll have extended release, longer-lasting, smooth energy. 

Cocoabuterol® - What It Is And How It Helps

Plus, we supercharged 5150 with Cocoabuterol® Cocoa Alkaloid Extract! What’s that, you ask? It is a revolutionary weight loss ingredient that stimulates thermogenesis in the body. At the same time, it enhances mood, stimulates nitric oxide production, and increases mitochondrial energy. Cocoabuterol® balances the harshness of caffeine and helps smooth out its effects. That means you can say goodbye to the jitters that are often a part of excessive caffeine consumption. What a great way to even out 5150’s huge 400mg of caffeine!

There’s Much More To This Explosive Formula!

You know the power of 5150. Besides its stim-crazy dose of caffeine and the revolutionary Cocoabuterol®, 5150 also contains synephrine, huperzia, and 2 types of choline. What pre-workout would be complete without the proven nitric oxide-boosting power of citrulline, and the osmotic properties of taurine? Plus, there’s n-acetyl tyrosine and beta-alanine. This formula means business! You can expect insane energy, intense focus, crazy pumps, and extreme performance!

As you can clearly see, 5150 is a complete pre-workout, not just a stim-junkie's dream. That means 5150 Stick Packs are all you need for your most extreme training sessions. 

How Do 5150 Stick Packs Taste?

Maybe you’ve never had 5150 and you wonder what it tastes like. Like all 5% powders, 5150 tastes absolutely stunning! Who says you can’t have a delicious pre-workout? But once you’ve enjoyed your Stick Pack, get ready. 5150 kicks in quick. Once it hits, you will be ready to rip up those weights! 


5150 is the most hardcore pre-workout in the 5% Nutrition line. Not only that, it’s one of the most hardcore pre-workouts you’ll find anywhere. It’s beyond stim-crazy - but it’s also balanced. Besides that, 5150 Stick Packs are easy and convenient. Plus, they taste delicious. 5150 Stick Packs - the on-the-go solution for busy 5%er’s!

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