What kind of protein do we need? What are the differences?

There's lots of debate and lots of misconceptions about the types of protein out there, I would say the biggest one being plant-based proteins versus animal proteins. Something to keep in mind is that protein has to be bioavailable, that means we have to readily absorb it and we also have to be able to use it from a body building perspective. Joerg, what do you think about plant protein in a body builder?

When I was judging for bodybuilding competition, you could tell, you can tell when an athletes standing on the stage. You can tell somebody who's using meat products as a protein source looks much more dense, the quality is much, much better. While when you see somebody who's using soy protein, or a plant based protein, the muscle almost looks watery and you can't get the same quality, you can't.

It's also hard to build muscle. I'm thinking of one client in particular, she came to us as a vegan, we got her to change because we just noticed she wasn't building the same muscle.

After two weeks you could tell the difference, she was gaining muscles and the quality was much, much better.

We can't recommend plant-based proteins.

How about whey protein or casein? So, these are dairy proteins made out of milk or the byproducts of cheese. What do you think about whey, what problems do you see with that?

The negative side from whey protein is, nobody wants to have this exploding feeling what you're going to get from whey protein, even if you don't have this lactose intolerance.

Yeah. I think it's common for people to be sensitive to dairy in general, and then when you extract the proteins from the dairy products, it just makes it worse.

Protein powder which is made from real food is much, much easier for the body.

In general, I don't think whey is the best option either.

So, let's talk about 5%'s Shake Time Real Food Protein Powder.

This is made from real food.

Not made out of dairy proteins, definitely not plant based. It's made out of beef, chicken, and eggs. It's basically the closest thing you can get to actually eating animal foods or eating meat, without having to eat so much. So, I know with our female clients, sometimes they have a hard time getting in the protein, they don't want to eat so much meat, or they don't want to eat so much steak.

So, food first. We're all about eating real food first, before even thinking about a supplement. A supplement is there to enhance your results.

There's nothing better than a real food source. This is made from real food, but it's also not going to replace real food.

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