Rich’s 8-Hour Arm Workout - Part 2!

Looking back at Part 1 of Rich’s 8-Hour Arm Workout - Updated 2023, we covered quite a bit of ground. We covered the background of this routine, you know what your workout looks like, and you have substantial 5% supplement options. In Part 2, we’re going to put it all together. Let’s get started!

Nutritional Guidelines

For this workout, you should be taking in 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight. Choose lean sources of protein. Your carb intake should be 200g a day during this time. If you already take in 200g, increase your intake by 100 grams. Choose fruits for simple, fast-digesting carbs, no processed junk. Go with whole grains, brown rice, yams, and sweet potatoes for medium to slower-digesting carbs. Greek yogurt is a good choice for protein and simple carbs. 

8-Hour Arm Workout Nutrition & Supplement Schedule

  1. In the 2 days before this workout, eat plenty of high-protein, high-carb meals. Increase your protein and carbohydrate intake as suggested above. 
  2. The morning of your workout, eat a good breakfast high in protein and both simple and complex carbs. Allow 2 hours of digestion time. Avoid fatty sources of these foods. The last thing you need is a meal that sits on your stomach for 3-4 hours. 
  3. Take the following 5% supplements in the morning: Bigger By The Day, TEST, and Core D-Aspartic Acid. Take Digestive Defender with breakfast. 
  4. Real Carbs + Protein - This will be the basis of your 16 shakes.
  5. All Day You May/Core L-Glutamine 5000 - Mix into your Real Carb + Protein shakes. Drink one of these after every mini-workout.
  6. Full As F*ck - Take 1 serving every other hour for 4 servings total.
  7. Crea-TEN - Take 1 serving before your first workout, and 1 serving at the halfway point.
  8. Freak Show - Makes the most of your carbohydrates. Use this product in the days leading up to your workout, with your morning meal, and with your post-8-hour workout meal.
  9. If you hit the halfway point and feel fatigued, drink a Kill It RTD. The reason is many people feel the urge to quit, but not you! You do Whatever It Takes to Kill It in the gym! The energy from Kill It RTD will help you knock out your remaining sets while the glycerol and citrulline will maximize your pumps. Plus, it has a slow and fast-release caffeine blend to extend the energy. 
  10. Drink plenty of water! For optimal hydration, add in Hydrate Stks.
  11. After your 8-hour arm workout, eat a meal high in protein and carbs. 
  12. Take Core ZMA and a Shake Time shake 60 minutes before bedtime.
  13. Have a serving of Drink Sleep Grow 30 minutes before bedtime.

Over The Next 2-3 Days

  • Over your 2-3 days off - focus on continued high-protein, high-carb meals. 
  • Keep drinking recovery shakes with All Day You May and Core L-Glutamine added.
  • Take your usual 5% supplements.
  • If you are still sore, use a 3rd day for recovery. 
  • You can return to your normal routine and nutrition/supplement plan after these 2-3 days.

What The 5% Supplements Will Do

What can you expect after you’ve done this workout? Initially, you’ll see a pump like you’ve never seen in your life. Your post-workout arm measurement may well be an inch or more than it was at the beginning. Of course, this will subside, so that’s why you’ll want to measure your arms after you’ve recovered. Chances are, you will see new growth. Much of this supplement approach focuses on optimal water-based pumps and nitric oxide pumps. That’s also why the suggested 5% supplements can make a big difference - you’re doing everything you can to optimize your results. From there, your Stacks consist of natural muscle builders. Add in the leucine-heavy All Day You May and Drink Sleep Grow, and we’re talking maximal protein synthesis stimulation - a direct trigger of muscle growth. Rich’s 8-Hour Arm Workout updated to include 5% Nutrition supplements not only updates this routine for 2023, it’s primed to give those guns a huge growth spurt!

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