KSM-66® Quality!

New 5% Core KSM-66® features one of the most effective forms of Ashwagandha you can buy! Don’t settle for anything less!

No doubt you’ve heard of Ashwagandha. This popular herbal extract has an extended history of use in traditional Ayurveda. It’s mainly known as an adaptogenic herb that can help the body maintain healthy stress levels. Like many supplements, there’s different forms of Ashwagandha. Yet there’s no doubt, if you want superior quality, you want a branded ingredient. Of course, 5% used a branded, high quality version of this impressive herb for our Core KSM-66, the latest addition to this impressive line. You know we don’t settle for less than the best!

So, why did we choose KSM-66® Ashwagandha? For starters, branded ingredients have studies that support their use. That adds a lot of credibility to this, or any, supplement.

In this case, KSM-66® is made by a company called Ixoreal Biomed. KSM-66® is standardized to contain at least 5% withanolides. What are withanolides, you might ask? They are one of the main active ingredients of Ashwagandha.

Once developed and released, KSM-66® became one of the most popular types of ashwagandha on the market. As part of the process for a branded ingredient, KSM-66® has been tested for purity, safety, potency, and efficacy. Furthermore, Ixoreal Biomed gets their Ashwagandha extract by using a “green chemistry” extraction process. This process does not use harsh alcohol or synthetic solvents. This, in turn, ensures the Ashwagandha extract is pure and exceptionally bioactive. (1)

With all this in mind, of course 5% Nutrition chose this form of Ashwagandha! For us, it’s the best, or nothing! Our new Core KSM-66® helps your body maintain normal stress levels even when exposed to events that may cause higher stress. For example, your workouts cause physical stress. No doubt you’re following Rich’s approach to training, and you’re in the gym for a couple hours. That’s physical stress! Also, it fights stress by helping to block unhealthy levels of cortisol. 

KSM-66® not only combats extra stress, it helps support hormonal balance. One of the ways it does this is through, as noted above, inhibiting the catabolic hormone cortisol. Too much cortisol shuts down test production. KSM-66® helps block excess cortisol and free up more testosterone. Finally, KSM-66® helps curb food cravings and supports cognitive performance. That’s quite a list of benefits! That’s why we decided to create 5% Core KSM-66®. It’s another key supplement that you should add to your arsenal. 5% Nutrition is always on the cutting edge of supplement science!

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