Ingredient Spotlight: Nitrosigine®


The patented ingredient Nitrosigine® is one of the more effective nitric oxide boosters currently on the market. Here’s an impressive compound that’s clinically proven effective and safe. If that’s not enough, Nitrosigine has 10 patents covering a number of uses. In this Ingredient Spotlight, we will take a close look at this outstanding ingredient. 

What Is Nitrosigine? 

Nitrosigine is a patented complex of arginine, potassium silicate, and inositol. It’s primarily used as a nitric oxide booster. The major advantage of Nitrosigine is that it extends the pump for 6 hours. How’s that for impressive pumps? Additionally, it’s fast acting and works within 30 minutes of your first dose.(1)

The Benefits Of Nitrosigine

The benefits of Nitrosigine include:

  • Increased Nitric Oxide Production For Fast Acting & Extended Pumps
  • Improved Nutrient Delivery
  • Enhanced Recovery
  • Increased Performance
  • Enhanced Cognitive Function
  • Supports Cardiovascular Health

Mechanism Of Action

First, it’s important to know that arginine is the precursor to nitric oxide. It’s necessary for nitric oxide production to take place. As a supplement, it was the original nitric oxide booster. Yet, it has been guilty of poor absorption. For that reason, over the years the pump category has exploded with new, better-absorbing ingredients that promote increased production of nitric oxide. Of course, improved absorption has been the major marketing point of all these ingredients. 

Instead of basing Nitrosigine around a different ingredient, its approach is to increase the bioavailability of arginine itself. In other words, Nitrosigine is what supplemental arginine should have been. Nitrosigine stands out from the rest because, as noted, it increases blood levels of arginine within 30 minutes of use. Also as noted, it elevates blood levels of arginine for 6 hours. That means your muscles will still be pumped 6 hours from now!(2)

The bottom line is that Nitrosigine is a much better form of arginine than arginine itself.

Nitrosigine And Performance

Simply put, Nitrosigine stimulates vasodilation. This means your arteries increase in diameter which in turn increases blood flow. We already know this promotes huge pumps. It also increases oxygen flow and delivery of needed nutrients to your muscles. Additionally, cardiovascular health is improved, and waste product removal is more efficient. All of these factors mean improved performance.(3)

Nitrosigine And Cognitive Function

Another impressive benefit of Nitrosigine is enhanced cognitive function. Nitrosigine improves overall mental function, elevates focus, and improves your ability to mentally multi-task, also known as cognitive flexibility.(4,5)

The 5% Nutrition Products That Contain Nitrosigine

  • Full As F*ck - Of course, this is our legendary pump booster. This innovative formula combines nitric oxide boosters, including Nitrosigine, and cell volumizers to create the most powerful pump formula on the market. 
  • Kill It Reloaded - Here’s a powerful pre-workout that features an explosive energy complex, an exceptional focus complex, and an amazing pump complex - with Nitrosigine. There’s also a creatine complex for amazing water-based pumps that support the nitric oxide pumps. 
  • Kill It RTD - Here’s our innovative new Pre-Workout RTD, with a whopping 10g glycerol, 400 mg caffeine, and yes, Nitrosigine. That’s just a few of the impressive ingredients in this ultra-convenient RTD.
  • Recap

    If amazing pumps are what you’re after, Nitrosigine is one of the ingredients you should be looking for. Leave it to 5% Nutrition to use the most effective pump ingredients combined with cell volumizers. This combination works synergistically to create a one-of-a-kind pump experience - every time you train! Don’t wait, pick up your favorite 5% Nutrition pump-infused pre-workout today!


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