5 Benefits of All Day You May


When we created All Day You May, we created an amino acid formula unlike anything else on the market. ADYM is much more than a BCAA/EAA powder. 5% Nutrition innovation and the insight of Rich Piana combined to create an amino acid supplement so advanced, nothing else can come close. In this article, we will look at 5 benefits of the legendary All Day You May. Let’s get started!

Benefit # 1: ADYM Supports Protein Synthesis

ADYM starts off with 6g of BCAAs in an advanced 10:1:1 ratio. There’s also an EAA Blend and a CEAA Blend. This is where ADYM separates itself from the rest of the pack. The CEAA Blend contains conditionally essential amino acids, such as during times of stress. What can be more stressful than the workouts hardcore 5%ers subject themselves to? 

All of these amino acids, especially leucine, support protein synthesis. Of all the amino acids, leucine has the most research backing up its direct role in protein synthesis. Yet, unlike the competition, 5% includes every amino that has a supporting role. (1)

Benefit # 2: ADYM Promotes Recovery

Recovery is as important as your workout. It’s during the time between training sessions that muscle growth takes place. ADYM supports recovery by helping to reduce DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness. This in turn reduces recovery time, letting you get back in the gym sooner. (2)

Another way ADYM supports recovery is by preventing muscle protein breakdown while you train. That’s mainly because of the BCAA Blend. This happens because training is catabolic, it breaks down muscle tissue and depletes glycogen. One of the most impressive benefits of an intra-workout such as ADYM is that it helps you stay in a positive protein balance, effectively jump-starting recovery. (3)

You can optimize this by doing what Rich did. Mix up a post-work shake of either Real Carbs + Protein or Sake Time and Real Carbs. Remember to drink your shake as soon as possible after your workout. 

Benefit # 3: ADYM Promotes Hydration

5% Nutrition ADYM also supports hydration by including raw coconut water concentrate, a great source of electrolytes. Also, there’s taurine, which, among other benefits, is an osmolyte. That means it pulls water into the muscles for improved hydration. This is only one example of the synergism of ADYM. (4)

Benefit # 4: ADYM Improves Endurance

Another thing that sets ADYM apart from the competition is its Intra-Cellular Buffer Blend. As your set progresses, you feel the burn of lactic acid buildup. This reaches a point where you can no longer continue, and your set comes to an end. Our Intra-Cellular Buffer Blend helps block lactic acid buildup, so you can knock out a few extra reps, driving deeper into the growth zone. 

Benefit # 5: ADYM Supports Joint & Liver Health

Yet another standout advantage of ADYM is the Joint & Liver Support Blend. No doubt your joints take a beating from your intense workouts. Therefore, it makes sense to take care of them with nutrients that support joint health and function. 

In addition, there’s no doubt that the bodybuilding lifestyle stresses your liver. Aggressive supplements and lots of protein mean the liver has an increased workload. Therefore, it makes sense to include milk thistle, an herb that supports liver health. 

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