10 Minute Abs!

Back in the day, if you wanted abs, you would spend your time doing literally hundreds of sit ups. No doubt ab training has come a long way since then. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that six-pack abs come from your diet as much as exercise. With that in mind, there’s no reason to do never-ending ab workouts. Provided you have your nutrition down, you can get a great six-pack following this simple routine.

10 Minute Abs - Routine # 1

The primary abdominal muscle responsible for six-pack abs is the rectus abdominis muscle. Therefore, we will target this muscle with these routines. We’ll also use Rich’s favorite ab exercise, vacuums. Plus, we’ll add in some twisting moves to target the obliques for a nice, tight waist. 

Vacuums - One of Rich’s favorites. 

Vacuums work because they target the transverse abdominis muscle. This muscle works with the rectus abdominis and the obliques to keep the stomach flat.
4 sets - 4 vacuums - hold for 15 seconds, rest for 15 seconds. 


You can make these harder by holding a weight plate on your chest.
3 sets x 20 reps 

Hanging Leg Raises 

You can do these with Ab Straps, the overhead bar, or elbow pads, depending on what machine you’re using. You can also bend the knees, tucking your legs up and in, or you can keep them straight. In both cases, raise your legs as high as possible.
2 sets x 20 reps 

Twisting Leg Raises 

This exercise targets the obliques.
1 set x 25 reps 

Performance Notes

No rest between sets or exercises. You can sip some water as needed, otherwise, keep it going until you’re done. If you can perform this routine in less than 10 minutes, add sets until you can’t. Focus on the contraction. Perform your reps using a slow and controlled rep style. On vacuums, remember to suck your abs in as much as you can, hold, and squeeze your abs. 

10 Minute Abs - Routine # 2


Keep ‘Em Going!
4 sets - 4 vacuums- hold for 15 seconds, rest for 15 seconds 

Kneeling Crunch (Using a Rope Attachment) 

Hold the rope close to and behind your head. Pull down slowly using only your abs until your elbows touch the floor.
2 sets x 20 reps 

Lying Leg Raises 

Bring your knees as close to your head as possible.
2 sets x 20 reps 

Incline Crunch 

You may have to work up to 20 reps per set.
2 sets x 20 reps 

Twisting Crunch 

Targets the obliques.
2 sets x 20 reps 

Performance Notes

Perform all reps slowly and under complete control. No momentum doing the work! No rest between sets or exercises. You can sip some water as needed, otherwise, keep it going until you’re done. If you can perform this routine in less than 10 minutes, add sets of each until you can’t. 

What About Cardio?

Is fat loss your major goal? Do you still have fat to lose before you can see your abs? Then you should be doing 30 - 40 minutes of the cardio machine or exercise of your choice 3-4 times a week. Follow Rich’s example and get it done early in the day. 

How Often Should I Perform The 10 Minute Abs Routines?

Do these routines 4 days a week, after your scheduled workout for that day. If it’s an off-day, work abs after cardio. Alternate these routines during the week. For example, perform 10 Minute Abs #1 on your first training day, 10 Minutes Abs # 2 on your next training day, and so on for the week. 

In The Kitchen

If you really want to see your abs, then you should aim for 8-10% body fat (men) or 10-12% body fat (women). As noted, abs are built by what you eat as much as by your workouts. Maintain a high-protein diet focusing on low-fat sources. Keep total carbs moderate and keep simple carbs low. Avoid processed and fast foods. 

5% Nutrition Supplement Suggestions

Of course, 5% has the supplements you need to help you get lean. Begin with Shake Time or Egg White Crystals to help you meet your daily protein requirements. Real Carbs or Real Carbs + Protein are excellent solutions to getting quality carbohydrates. There’s also Shred Time, our powerful thermogenic, to help you lose those extra pounds.

To help facilitate stored body fat to be used as energy, there’s Liquid L-Carnitine 3150. This exceptional product features a 3150 mg Carnitine Blend consisting of 4 types of carnitine. Also, there’s GBB, also known as “Super Carnitine” because it helps the body produce even more carnitine. 

Finally, if you’re a competitive bodybuilder, there’s Stage Ready Diuretic. To help you get rid of excess water, use Stage Ready for 10 days only, and drink plenty of water. 

No matter what you’re getting in shape for, if you want great abs, our 10 Minute Abs is the workout for you. Stock up on 5% Nutrition supplements and get to work on those abs!

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