Why You Should Use Core L-Citrulline 3000


For most of us, a great pump makes your workout. Is that any surprise? After all, huge, swollen muscles are what it’s all about. One of the things that can get you there is citrulline. Whether you use it alone or as part of your 5% pre-workout stack, it will get the job done. That’s one of the reasons why you should use 5% Nutrition Core L-Citrulline 3000! Keep reading and find out more!

What Is Citrulline?

Before we do anything, let’s take a closer look at this impressive ingredient. The name “citrulline” comes from the Latin word “citrullus” which means “watermelon”. L-Citrulline is also a non-essential amino acid, which means it's made by the body.(1)

What Does Citrulline Do

L-Citrulline is used in the Urea cycle. Along with citrulline, this cycle also uses the amino acids arginine and ornithine. In the Urea cycle, the body converts toxic levels of ammonia into urea, a byproduct that’s eliminated from the body. This helps reduce fatigue. Ammonia also blunts ATP production, which costs you muscular energy. Due to its role in the Urea cycle, citrulline supports muscular energy.

Once in the body, citrulline is used to produce arginine, which promotes nitric oxide (NO) production. Why not just take arginine instead? Simple. Arginine does not absorb as well as citrulline. In comparison, citrulline bypasses digestion and goes right to the bloodstream. This means that citrulline can do a better job of increasing arginine levels in the blood than arginine itself. In effect, it’s beating arginine at its own game.(2)

We know citrulline is a great pump-boosting ingredient. What else does it do? It promotes increased nutrient & oxygen delivery to your muscles. This can be huge during a workout. By adding an intra-workout such as All Day You May to your program, you can drive the BCAAs and other aminos right into your muscles. That means you can keep your body in a positive state even while you train.(3,4)

Plus, citrulline helps ease DOMS, allowing you to recover faster and get back in the gym sooner. Finally, citrulline may play a role in protein synthesis.(5,6)

Citrulline & Citrulline Malate

At this point, it’s important to understand the difference between these two compounds. Many companies use citrulline malate over pure citrulline. Malic acid is part of the Krebs cycle which impacts ATP production, thereby increasing exercise endurance. While that might be helpful for endurance-based 5%ers, most lifters are using citrulline for the pump. That means pure citrulline will get the job done much more effectively. 

Core L-Citrulline 3000 - Not Just Another Citrulline Supplement

One scoop of this amazing supplement provides 3000mg of citrulline. But wait, there’s also a supporting ingredient. Who else but 5% does that in a Core product series? We know citrulline boosts nitric oxide for greater pumps. There’s another kind of pump. Water-based! We’ve added GlycerSize™ 65% Glycerol Powder. This impressive compound pulls water into the muscles. That means you get even more sleeve-ripping power and enhanced hydration.(7)

How To Use Core L-Citrulline 3000 For Best Results

Since citrulline is a pump enhancer, you will want to take it before your workout. There are 2 ways to use Citrulline 3000. For starters, it’s unflavored, so you can mix it with anything. You can use it as a standalone supplement. Or, you can add it to your favorite 5% pre-workout. For an exceptional pre-workout combination, go with our Core L-Citrulline Stack, which adds creatine to the mix. 

What’s A Safe Dose?

Let’s say you’re adding a 3g scoop of Core L-Citrulline 3000 to a scoop of Kill It Reloaded. This great 5% pre-workout gives you 4g, so now you’ve got 7g. Is that too much? Not at all. You can safely take up to 15g, but most lifters stay around 8-10g. That means you could add 2 scoops to your favorite 5% pre-workout for out-of-this-world pumps!(8)

Can I Use Core L-Citrulline 3000 At Other Times Of The Day?

Core L-Citrulline 3000 is not only for pre-workout use. You can use it on your off days to help offset DOMS. Since it promotes increased nutrient delivery, you could also use it at night in combination with Drink Sleep Grow. This approach will optimize the delivery of the nutrients in our innovative nighttime amino formula. 


Of course, it takes the innovation of 5% Nutrition to come up with a formula like this. We could have taken the easy way out and just used l-citrulline by itself. Instead, with GlycerSize, we chose to add an effective supporting ingredient. Use Core L-Citrulline 3000 with your favorite 5% pre-workout or by itself. Order yours today!


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