Post Gear - Are You At The End Of Your Cycle? Keep Your Gains!


Like many hardcore 5%ers, you’ve done an aggressive supplement cycle, and no doubt followed Rich’s training and nutrition advice. Of course, you’ve made some great gains in size and strength. That’s what it’s all about, but what’s next? If you are at the end of your cycle, keep your gains with a PCT - and the only choice is 5% Nutrition Post Gear!

Why Do You Need A PCT?

When you do an aggressive supplement cycle, it shuts down your body’s natural production of testosterone. When you’ve reached the end of your cycle, your natural hormones are out of balance, and you just stopped using the thing that was artificially keeping your testosterone levels high. If you don’t do something to help bring things back into balance, you risk losing most of your hard-earned gains. 

How Does 5% Nutrition Post Gear Help?

The primary benefit of a PCT (post-cycle therapy) is to restore testosterone and estrogen levels back to normal. Post Gear does this and also supports liver health. To get the maximum benefits Post Gear provides, plan on using it as part of a total 8-week program. 

What Else Can You Do?

5% Nutrition Post Gear is the first step to a successful PCT program. What else can you do? Follow these tips:


Keep up with your training program. Don’t drop the intensity, hit your workouts as hard as you can and, as Rich said, make every rep count. Make sure you’re including some compound exercises in your program, keep your reps a little higher like Rich suggested, and go for the pump. This, of course, will support muscle growth.


Support muscle mass by eating a high-protein, moderate-carb, and low-fat diet. Choose healthy fats and eat 50% of your daily carbs in the hours around your workout. Limit sugary carbs to this same time frame, and choose low glycemic carbs at other times of the day. Also, eat 20% more carbs on training days to support your workouts and kickstart post-workout recovery. Keep your protein intake high to stimulate protein synthesis and support recovery.

Stimulate Protein Synthesis With 5%

Post Gear covers your testosterone and estrogen-inhibiting needs. From there, think in terms of a 5% protein such as Shake Time, and amino acids, specifically leucine, with All Day You May. This legendary amino acid formula features a 6-gram BCAA complex that’s leucine-heavy. That means you can be sure you’re optimizing protein synthesis, a key to stimulating and maintaining muscle. 

Other 5% Nutrition Supplements

Of course, use your usual 5% pre-workout, such as 5150  (or Kill It RTD) and Full As F*ck. Add a natural muscle builder such as Core Creatine Monohydrate and Bigger By The Day. By doing this, you’re making the most of 5% Nutrition’s natural muscle builders. Finally, if you didn’t use Liver & Organ Defender during your cycle, add it to your PCT now, and use it with your next cycle. 

Get Some Sleep!

Support recovery and control cortisol by getting a good night’s sleep. If you have any issues in this area, add Knocked The F*ck Out to your program. This potent natural sleep aid will help you get the sleep you need. 


Post-cycle therapy is essential for 5%er’s using aggressive supplements. These compounds will suppress your body’s natural production of testosterone production, which is where Post Gear enters the picture. Of course, 5% Nutrition Post Gear is the most innovative PCT supplement you can buy. It helps restore your natural testosterone production and overall hormonal balance after a cycle. It also supports liver health and function. Don’t do another aggressive cycle without Post Gear waiting for you when you get done!

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