Busting Myths And Hype Behind Pre-Workouts, Part 1


In this 2-Part series, we will look at several common pre-workout myths. Several misconceptions are floating around the internet regarding pre-workouts. They need to be straightened out with the truth. We’ll also talk about the hype behind some pre-workouts. There’s an alarming trend to push a lot of hype while the pre-workout at the center of the hype falls woefully short. Not to mention, they are an embarrassment to the industry. Leave it to 5% to reveal the truth about pre-workouts and how to avoid the over-hype some companies throw at you. 

Myth # 1 - Pre-Workouts Aren’t Necessary If You Follow A Good Diet

It’s a common myth that all you need is a good diet to perform at your best. Sure, real food is important. No one believed that more than Rich. And, yes, you should eat a meal of fast digesting protein and carbs about 2 hours before you train. Not to mention you need to eat a solid meal a couple of hours after you train. 

However, there is a lot of innovation behind modern pre-workouts. A good pre-workout, such as any of our 5% pre-workouts, can make a tremendous difference in the quality of your training session. Why wouldn't you want more energy, more focus, or better concentration? For one thing, improved concentration means a better mind-muscle connection. That alone is enough reason to use a pre-workout. 

Of course, a good Pre does much more. Increases endurance, improves overall performance, and gives you better pumps - which also means improved nutrient delivery. This supports protein synthesis and recovery by giving your muscles the nutrients they need exactly when they need them.

Not that food doesn’t have its place, but food can’t do those things. When you’re in the gym, a good pre-workout, such as 5% 5150 combined with Full As F*ck, Kill It, or Kill It Reloaded, will give you unbelievable workouts. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that? 

Myth # 2 - Pre-Workouts Are Dangerous

You’ll find several mainstream articles that like to play up the problems of past pre-workout misuse. For example, using a high caffeine pre-workout in hot, humid weather while not thinking about proper hydration. Or, using a high stim pre-workout with a heart condition. There will always be extreme exceptions to common sense. Tragically, this may lead to serious problems. As tragic as this is, misuse is not the fault of the pre-workout, as tragic as it is. 

Of course, safety should always come first. Always talk to your healthcare provider if you have any underlying medical condition. Plus, follow all label directions completely. Problems arise when users decide to double-scoop already strong pre-workouts. Or, when they choose to ignore safety protocols. The bottom line here is to always use your favorite 5% pre-workout only as directed. 

Myth # 3 - Coffee is All You Need Before A Workout

Similar to Myth #1, some people think all you really need for a great workout is a cup of strong coffee. While coffee is a wonderful experience, you need more than that before hitting the gym. Why go for caffeine energy only when you can go with so much more? As noted, a good pre-workout, like any of the 5% pre-workouts, covers all aspects of training performance. Plus, a great workout requires more than just a caffeine hit. All 5% pre-workouts will give you an exceptional training experience. 

Myth # 4 - Pre-Workouts Are Stimulants - They Just Give You Energy

Typically, myths are full of misinformation. For example: pre-workouts only give you energy. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are many stim-free (5% has one of the best: Full As F*ck) or low caffeine options (5% has Kill It, which features lower caffeine). As we have seen, the best pre-workouts do much more than merely give you energy. While it’s true you can work out without them, why would you want to? 

If using a pre-workout means a better workout, it only makes sense to use one. The beauty of a pre-workout is you can choose the Pre that fits your goals the best. As we have seen, 5% has 4 different pre-workouts to choose from. It’s also important to understand that most of the ingredients found in pre-workouts have studies supporting their effectiveness. In the case of 5%, this includes creatine, citrulline, and caffeine. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)


In Part 1, we looked at 4 common myths about pre-workouts. Looking ahead to Part 2, we will review the benefits of using pre-workouts, the hype that some unscrupulous companies rely on, and what sets 5% Nutrition pre-workouts above the crowd. 

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