Most brands provide only lip service to product compliance and quality standards. That’s just another area of how we conduct business which makes 5% Nutrition a step above the competition within the sports nutrition industry.

Our product formulas are based on 100% compliance with all FDA regulations under 21 CFR 111. A significant part of the product formulation and development process is verifying that the manufacturer meets our product specifications along with the raw ingredients sourced.

Simply put: the standard operating procedures (SOPs) we follow are designed and processes executed to protect our customers and provide only the highest quality product lineup before releasing each new lot into the marketplace.

What product quality looks like here at 5% Nutrition:

1. Overseeing that all phases of production are in compliance with cGMP requirements under 21 CFR 111 by knowing what and how manufacturing activities are performed.

2. Establishing and following written procedures to prevent contamination of products.

3. Establishing and ensuring products and components meet desired specifications.

4. We verify the identity of all raw materials used as ingredients in our products.

5. The use of only verified cGMP manufacturers and suppliers for all packaging, labeling, and ingredient assembly operations.

6. We independently test products for their dietary ingredients to confirm each product lot meets their Finished Product Specifications at a 3rd party laboratory.

7. Performing qualification and quarterly verification testing of all products at an independent third-party laboratory to verify the product is being manufactured to meet label claims.

8. Providing job specific and cGMP training for all employees.

9. Staff at our warehouses and commercial facilities are qualified for their role in product quality standards, FDA compliance, and regulatory standards. Our team routinely undergoes mandatory training to stay current with changes to regulations. 

10. Verifying calibrated equipment and instruments, as well as clean utensils and contact surfaces are used during the manufacturing process.

Our product quality and compliance procedures have been developed by a multidisciplinary team of industry veterans with decades of collective knowledge on product development, compliance, quality control regulations, and stay current with federal and state laws. We will continue to maintain our rigorous and unwavering approach to product excellence.