Our life is full of choices; good or bad, we get to choose. This should be empowering. When you’re given the power to decide, you are in control, and you are the driver. This is what keeps me going. 

I have worked extremely hard for the last five years, learning how to improve my health and my physique. I have worked alongside many of the influential people in the fitness industry and have learned so much.

My fitness journey has been gratifying and is a huge part of my life. From competing to lifting heavy in the gym, all of it motivates me. The most rewarding part of all is being a personal trainer and supporting others on their journey. 
Many circumstances have taught me to be a courageous woman, fearless of failure and motivated to continue, whether that means I go against the grain, or not. My father Roger went through countless surgeries before he passed away and fought the fight like you couldn’t imagine. His consistent drive to live stayed with me and I carry that same drive. His will to live, and live with a purpose, reinforced that courageous spirit in me to be strong, not just physically, but spiritually and emotionally connected to life. Thank you for being a massive part of my journey. I love you, dad. 

When I come in contact with others, I am empathetic to their life, their choices, and their fears. I hope to be a positive influence and support any way I can. I am grateful to be in a position where I have the ability to help others and see it as a blessing. Our journey continues...be honest, be true to who you are....and do “whatever it takes.”