What 5% Supplements Should You Take On Your Off Days


For the most part, experienced and inexperienced lifters alike know what 5% Nutrition supplements to take on training days. But what 5% Supplements Should You Take On Your Off Days? That might seem like a simple question. Yet if you’re a new supplement user, you might not be sure. So, if you’re wondering, we’ve got the answer!

It’s All About Recovery

No matter what your routine looks like, you must focus on recovery in between workouts. You also have to stay focused on your goals by taking the appropriate supplements on your off days. After all, a major key to recovery is proper supplementation. Here’s a breakdown of what exactly you need to take. 


Repair and recovery begin with protein. For that matter, muscle growth itself begins with protein. If you want to recover and grow, or lose fat and maintain your mass, you need to take in enough protein every single day. That means maintaining a state of positive protein balance which is optimal for muscle growth. Most authorities suggest .8 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. This daily gram total should never change. Whether you’re using Shake Time or Real Carbs + Protein, consume your shakes and whole-food meals consistently.(1)


A big part of recovery is glycogen replenishment. After all, you need plenty of carbohydrate energy to power your intense workouts.(2) The way to get there is by taking in enough quality carbohydrates, such as Real Carbs or Real Carbs Rice. Rich drank 1-2 servings 1-2 times a day, every day, usually with egg whites mixed in. 

All Day You May

This legendary amino powder stands alone at the top of the category. First, it’s a leucine-heavy formula which makes it essential for optimal anabolic stimulation. Leucine is a ”signaling” amino acid. This means it directly signals or stimulates protein synthesis.(3) It also provides essential and conditionally essential amino acids. Plus, there’s an Amino Acid Support Blend and a Joint & Liver Support Blend. What more could you ask for from an amino formula?

Your 5% Muscle Builders

If muscle mass is your goal, are you using Turkesterone 1200, or Bigger By The Day? Maybe it’s TEST stacked with Core D-Aspartic Acid and Core ZMA. Unless you’re on an off-cycle, take these innovative products every day for the best results. The same applies to creatine, which you can take every day indefinitely or, if you prefer, cycle off every 8 weeks. 

Are You Losing Excess Weight?

If weight loss is your primary goal, take your 5% weight loss supplements every day. Some users take a couple of days per week break from a caffeine-based formula, in this case, Shred Time. That’s fine, but if you do, keep taking the rest of your 5% stack. Successful fat loss demands daily effort, therefore you should follow your program 100% every day.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, take all your 5% supplements every day except your pre-workout. Optimize your results by being consistent every day, just like Rich used to. That means total consistency. Take your supplements daily and as directed, sit down to your meals on time, adhere to your cardio schedule, and don’t miss any workouts. Consistency is key!


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